Terms of use of Telmatik and its division's services

Telmatik and its divisions, including Message Express, Bixo and the Telmatik andLGP Communication call centres (herein after referred to as "Telmatik"), offer many services listed on its website


1. USE

The present Terms of use, as hereafter defined, govern your use of the Telmatik services. By subscribing or by using any of these services, you agree to comply with the present Terms of use and acknowledge having read them (the “Terms of use”). You acknowledge and accept that the present Terms of use may be modified in accordance with the provisions set out below, and you are invited to regularly review said Terms of use.

As part of your use of the Websites and their content, you agree to the following:

  • not to use the websites or their content, or not to allow nor facilitate their use by any person in a way that constitutes or encourages the commission of a criminal or civil offence or the violation of intellectual property rights, or in a way that contravenes a law or regulation;
  • not to use the websites or their content, or not to allow nor facilitate their use by any person to publish content that constitutes, in the opinion of a reasonable person, an offence to a person’s physical or moral integrity, or content that is deemed defamatory, abusive, racist, violent, hateful or intimidating, and not to publish on the Websites any content that disseminates ethnic slurs, homophobic insults or that undermines any religion or spiritual belief, as well as any attack made to a person or a group of persons in particular;
  • not to use the Websites or their content, or not to allow nor facilitate their use by any person without reading or accepting the Terms of use;
  • not to hold, against Telmatik employees, suppliers, agents or representatives, remarks or gestures perceived as harassment or verbal, written abuse or other;
  • not to create or participate in the creation of a website that reproduces, in whole or in part, the Telmatik content or trademark;
  • not to use the Websites or their content, or not to allow or facilitate their use by any person to disseminate any communication that constitutes, in the opinion of a reasonable person, publicity, a commercial offer, spam or any form of solicitation;
  • not to use the websites or their content, or not to allow or facilitate their use by any person to publish any content that a reasonable person may consider as being crude, obscene, inappropriate, vulgar, or sexually suggestive in nature or as being harmful to morality standards.

Finally, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for guaranteeing that your systems are adequate to use the websites. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU USE AND UPDATE ANTIVIRUS, ANTI-SPYWARE AND FIREWALLS ON YOUR SYSTEMS THAT GRANT ACCESS TO THE WEBSITES.


Telmatik services are provided without a warranty or stipulation pertaining to their functioning. We do not guarantee that the Services will function without interruption or error.The present provisions do not limit any warranty or right that may be provided under any applicable consumer protection law and regulation.

Telmatik and its divisions shall in no event be liable for any damages caused by the use of their services or for any other damages, direct or indirect, suffered in connection with the use of the services, or for the inability to use the services for any reason beyond the control of Telmatik. Specifically, Telmatik denies any such liability, including but not limited to, any liability regarding any delay in providing the services.


Access to certain Telmatik services is conditional to the user's registration.

Registration to Message Express, Telmatik's citizen alert system, is reserved exclusively for physically capable persons who have completed and validated the registration form accessible online on this site, and who have read these General Conditions of Use.

At the time of registration, the user undertakes to provide accurate, truthful and up-to-date information about themselves. The user must also regularly check the information concerning themselves in order to maintain its accuracy. The user can change their personal information by accessing the initial registration site and clicking on the "Already registered? Click here to change your preferences" to request an edit link which will be sent to the user by email.

The user must absolutely provide a valid telephone number and/or e-mail address. An e-mail address may not be used more than once to register for the services, and only one registration for the site's services is permitted per individual.

When you register to Message Express, Telmatik's citizen alert system, you acknowledge that this communication tool should not be used as your sole source of information. If you believe that you are in danger, you should not, under any circumstances, rely exclusively on this alert system and should immediately take the necessary measures to protect yourself or your property from danger. While the system is an important tool for your municipality in the event of an emergency, it does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or notification of any alert posted on or transmitted through the system. Your municipality, its officers, employees and assignees shall not be held liable for any damages that may arise, directly or indirectly, from the notification of an alert or from a user's failure to receive it.

By registering to the Message Express system through the Bixo Contact tool, you agree to the terms of this disclaimer and therefore waive your right to sue your municipality, its officers, employees and assignees.


The regularly registered user will be able to request to be unsubscribed at any time by going to the initial registration page, clicking on the link to change preferences and then, from the edit link sent to them by email, selecting the option to remove themselves from the mailing list. Any unsubscription from the site will be effective immediately after the user has confirmed their unsubscription.


The user acknowledges that the editor reserves the right to delete the account of a user who contravenes these Terms of Use, in particular in the following cases:

  • If the user makes an illicit use of the site; 
  • If the user, while creating their account, voluntarily transmits erroneous information to the site.

In the event that the editor decides to delete a user's account for any of these reasons, the reason will not constitute damage to the user whose account has been deleted.

Such deletion does not constitute a waiver of any legal action that the editor may take against the user who has violated these rules.


For any information concerning Telmatik and its divisions, including their services and websites, contact us:

  • by phone : 1 (888) 641-5800
  • by email: info@telmatik.com
  • by mail: 500, d’Avaugour street, unit 2500, Boucherville (Quebec) J4B 0G6