Our Solutions for Cities and Municipalities

Telmatik has a variety of tools designed to help you improve your communications with your citizens.
From mass messaging tools, to service calls, to the protection of your lone workers, we have a solution for you. Whatever your city or municipality's needs, our services are always adapted to your expectations, in order to optimize your communications.

Why Choose Telmatik?

We have created several of our tools and call answering services with your municipality in mind.
Many of our services can be used in combination with others to accelerate communications and cover many aspects of your daily tasks. Our highly-trained call center staff is bilingual and equipped with all the tools they need to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services, whether we're taking your calls, booking your appointments, or providing you with enhanced communication tools - your citizens will greatly appreciate how easily accessible your services will become.
Fastest pick-up times in the industry
Professional and courteous receptionists
Your own nationwide 800 number
Emergency response specialists
A vast selection of services and tools at your disposal
Bilingual call center agents
In-house IT department
Custom scripts to fit your desired tone and image