Application Gameo pour protéger les travailleurs isolés

Protection of Lone Workers

Protecting your lone workers with our mobile app and call center solution

Why is lone worker safety so important?

Because, as a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure their health and security are protected at all times while they’re at work.

Since 1996, our team has supported lone worker protection in many different industries. Thanks to our partnership with Gameo Pro, we are able to maintain contact with each worker without having to deploy complex equipment that require huge investments.

With the Gameo app, lone workers can send out a distress signal in case of an emergency and whenever their health and safety is at risk. This includes a discreet distress signal activated by holding the device at a certain angle, for situations where the lone worker feels threatened and needs to send out an SOS without being noticed. The innovative app also has a multitude of customizable features that can automatically recognize when your lone worker is in danger, unconscious, or in an otherwise compromised situation.

This app can be used on any smartphone and is directly linked to our 24/7 call center, to ensure a quick and effective response every time.

Simple and efficient

  • Our technology turns your communication devices into monitoring tools.
  • The intervention centre staff is qualified to ensure maximum security to your lone workers.
  • Should an incident occur, a crisis center is activated at once according to the protocol adopted with your Operation Department.

Your safety system, your rules

With our lone worker protection system, you have complete control of your check-in schedules, alerts, escalation contacts, and more. Our app can adapt to your situation and industry.

Provide your lone workers with total peace of mine when working alone.

We will provide a full analysis of your needs, without obligation. Our service includes the monitoring application, a web management interface that integrates case management reports, and our 24/7 intervention call centre staff.

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