Ligne d'éthique pour les employés

Ethical Line For Employees

Ethical phone line

Implement an ethics hotline for your organization and ensure your ethical codes are being followed.

In a world where transparency and integrity are no longer optional, ethics become one of the organization’s structure most important issue.

That’s the reason why a phone line dedicated to ethical issues is an important resource that gives your employees the ability to confidentially discuss any infringement to business ethics.

Your company makes and enforces the rules, and an ethics hotline allows you to ensure these rules are followed within your company. In the workplace, codes of conduct are instituted to protect your organization from legal liability brought on by the bad or negligent acts of your employees.

In short, corporate ethics are what protect your employees and yourself from any act that violates your ethical code of conduct.

What is an ethical phone line?

An ethics hotline is a reporting system implemented by organizations to ensure their ethical codes are being followed. There are many different ways an employee might go about reporting bad behavior in the workplace, but an ethics hotline allows employees to remain anonymous by using a third party company that will listen patiently and diligently record the information provided.

An ethics hotline is an anonymous phone line an employee can use to report bad behavior.

Our ethical lines are anonymous in order to protect your employees from retribution or retaliation from peers, supervisors or managers that may be implicated in the complaint.

When should I use an ethical phone line?

There are many situations where an ethics hotline can be useful to your employees. Many things fall under the category of workplace ethics, but here are the top three claims for which your ethical line can be used.

  1. Financial abuse in the workplace: if a member of your staff sees another employee or manager engaging in questionable acts in regards to company money, or abuse of company resources, they may call the ethical line to report it anonymously.
  2. Inappropriate behavior in the workplace: if employees feel as though they are being bullied or otherwise unfairly singled out for negative treatment by co-workers or bosses, they may make a general claim of inappropriate behavior in the workplace.
  3. Sexual harassment in the workplace: if an employee feels as though they are being touched or talked to in a way that is sexually inappropriate, they may call your ethics hotline to report it in a safe and anonymous way.

Activate your ethics hotline within 24 hours

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Toll-free number (800) included
  • Staff all-time availability (24/7)
  • French/English bilingual service
  • Anonymous service
  • Several calls can be treated at the same time
  • Development and betterment of your corporate image

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