Message Express

Message Express - Citizens Alert

Ensure 100% communication with your citizens with our alert and notification system.

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High-performance solution

To ensure a high level of effectiveness adapted to the management of your emergency measures. A flawless warning device!
  • Access to a large-scale IT and telephone infrastructure, ensuring the rapid transmission of your alerts and notifications.
  • Use of an independent infrastructure as much telephone as computer and not encumbering that of your organization.
  • System available over the Internet that does not require any physical installation.
  • Ability to trigger a remote alert via the Internet.
  • Service supported by the Telmatik contact center open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Dashboard for viewing the routing of your alerts in real time.
  • Transmission report of your alerts available online.
  • Bilingual platform supporting French and English.
  • System developed by our team of programmers to add features that meet your needs.
  • Simple to use and implement!

Don't wait another minute!

Flexible solution

To inform your citizens in urgent and less urgent situations. A powerful system available no matter the situation!

Telmatik offers you access to a platform for sending messages that can convey your information simultaneously, using the methods you want.

  • SMS (text messaging).
  • Email.
  • Automated call comprising: - speech synthesis (TTS) reading; - option to leave a message on the mailbox.
  • Possibility of sending a broadcast message to all your contacts or previously composed groups.
  • Ability to send alerts on more than one channel simultaneously for the same citizen.
  • Ability to program SMS messages to be sent at a future date.
  • Option to confirm receipt of your alert by the citizen.
  • Complete management of your contact book including a massive import system of contacts.
  • Portal for your citizens for the self-service management of their profile.
This service is available 24h/day and 365 days/year

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